In early 2001 we had the initiative to investigate and introduce gradually into recycling, for expertise orient our attention towards the textile sector, is how in January 2002, the initiative is realized in Fibertex, company incorporation under the laws of the Republic of El Salvador.

It started with 15 employees in an area of 500 square meters, few market alternatives, product knowledge, resources, waiting for us.

The difficulties promoted the initiative and innovation, enterprise management team lead us in the years to form a company with a sustained annual growth, gradually increasing their share of participation in the market and above all, maintain business relationships that last until date.

Within our vision of the company established as a principle form an institution of efficient, reliable, to promote respect for the environment and at the same time, to consider the social responsibility principles within their management.

Our activities are geared toward the purchase, processing and marketing of surplus and scrap textiles of various processes.

Our aim was to establish a competitive international market to provide a solution to the requirements of raw materials for textile recovery attributes reliable, low quality standards, and allow them to produce new products to meet the needs of your market.

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Address;n: calle antigua al Matazano y calle a la pedrera, Urbanización San Cayetano, Soyapango, San Salvador
Phone: (503) 2254-1950 Fax (503) 2294-0767 
Email: gerencia@fibertex.com.sv